Immigration to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the world’s wealthiest country by GDP and has a very unique, low tax environment for international investors. Luxembourg also happens to be strategically located in the southwest of Europe, bordered with Belgium, France and Germany and in close proximity to many capital cities, such as Paris, London, Berlin, Geneva. Being a small country with one of the most dynamic economies in the world, Luxembourg has an extremely favorable environment for banking, finance, insurance, investment funds and other economic activities.

Immigration and Permanent Residency

As it is known, immigrating to Luxembourg or obtaining a residency status (permanent residence ) with or without permission to work, registration of a commercial company (SARL, SA) and subsequently obtaining citizenship, is quite a complex procedure with lots of “gotchas” and “sharp corners”.

We will try to briefly describe the potential benefits and advantages of being a resident of Luxembourg, as well as the structure of the immigration process and the basic requirements in order to become a successful candidate.

Our clients benefit greatly from our years of experience in the field of immigration, our ability to anticipate and avoid possible complications, which in turn guarantee our clients approval of their status application. By using the services of “INIMEX”, you have the assurance of professional, competent and at the same time practical assistance, resulting in a well-presented, timely submission of your application.

Residence Permits in Luxembourg (Without Permission to Work)

This immigration program is of interest to individuals who have sufficient funds allowing them to immigrate to Luxembourg as independent financial applicants and make it their main place of residence.

Some of the main requirements of the Ministry of Immigration of Luxembourg are:

  • good conduct certificate from the police of your country of citizenship.
  • bank certificate, confirming sufficient funds to live independently in the Duchy of Luxembourg.
  • written document, clearly stating the reasons by which you are motivated to immigrate to Luxembourg.

The review process of your application takes 1 to 3 months.

Initially, the Department of Immigration (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg) examines your application. Following that, the Department of Immigration will inform you of their decision through the Consular Department of the Embassy of Luxembourg.

We will fully manage and prepare all documents, translate them to French or German, reexamine all files to make sure there are no missing documents (rental contracts, letters of recommendations, clearly stated motives for immigration etc.) thus rendering your papers into a fully organized and complete dossier.

Typically, after the approval of your application, you will receive an immigration visa allowing you access to the Duchy of Luxembourg. In addition, according to the immigration law, within 3 working days of your arrival in Luxembourg you should arrange for temporary registration in the local communal administration (foreign visitors department). If you choose to stay at a local hotel, then this registration falls under the responsibility of that hotel’s employees.

We ensure you with a smooth adaptation process. Our support and assistance begin from your arrival at the airport, and covers all the most essential steps to provide you with worry-free relocation. Some of the activities you might require help with are: renting/buying a home/car, exchanging driver’s license, school registration for children, obtaining medical insurance, banking solutions, business registration etc.

Residence Permits in Luxembourg (With Permission to Work)

There are several immigration programs, under which nationals of non-EU countries can obtain work visas, which allow working and living in Luxembourg. Our primary focus is on the programs suited for investors and business entrepreneurs. Non-EU nationals who wish to obtain permanent residency in Luxembourg or start up a business in the Duchy of Luxembourg, should submit all the required paperwork prior to their arrival in Luxembourg. The dossier should be submitted to the Department of Immigration (under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs). After the approval of your application, the Consulate of Luxembourg will issue you an official permit to enter the country.

Upon your arrival to the Duchy, you will meet with experienced members of our excellent team, who will fully assist you with all the required administrative procedures. The process is conducted in accordance with the Ministry of Immigration of Luxembourg and grants you a permit of residence under the guidelines of the “Business category” program.

The applicant, as well as his/her commercial company, can only begin professional activities upon completion of all administrative procedures required by the Ministry of Immigration of Luxembourg and the department for foreign visitors at a local communal registration office.

You can submit your application under the “Business category” program if:

  • you plan or wish to carry on with a business activity on the territory of the Duchy of Luxembourg, as a private entrepreneur (doctor, lawyer, photographer, painter, sculptor, etc.)
  • you plan or wish to live on the territory of Luxembourg, working for a company legally registered in this country.

In accordance with the law in the Duchy of Luxembourg, almost all liberal professions require additional permits in order to carry on with the professional activity. To obtain such a permit, a request must be submitted to the Ministry of Immigration of Luxembourg, containing your full dossier. The Immigration Department will then review your demand and after approval, the Minister of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses will issue a permit allowing you to carry on with your business activities.

All residents of Luxembourg over the age of 15 should always carry with them either the identity card or the passport stating their status and place of residence. In case their place of residence changes (still within the Duchy of Luxembourg) the latter mentioned documents should be renewed by submitting the corresponding form to the Luxembourg government. It is equally important to submit the application for renewal of your documents prior to their expiry date, as the renewal process takes quite some time. Non-national of the EU have the right to apply for permanent residency or immigration status, only after having resided in Luxembourg for a period of at least 5 years.

In order to maintain your status in Luxembourg during the first 5 years the Duchy must be your permanent place of residence and work. You cannot reside outside of the territory of Luxembourg for more than 6 months unless you need to follow a specific medical treatment, an educational program, or due to pregnancy.

Most common legal capital company forms in Luxembourg:

  • limited liability company (SARL), which allows for 2 to 40 partners and is used by almost 70% of all businesses in Luxembourg.
  • public liability company (SA), which is often preferred by large businesses as it offers limited liability and controlled access to the capital.
  • partnership limited by shares (SECA or SCA), distinguished from the other company forms mainly by the nature of the partnership interests.

SARL company (société à responsabilité limitée) can operate in any commercial direction, but only in accordance with the law. For insurance and investment activities, it is preferable to have a different legal company form. In order to register a company, it is of the utmost importance to open a commercial bank account in the Duchy of Luxembourg. The account should be open in the very beginning of the process.

For a SARL company the minimum capital required is 12,394.68 EUR. Private entrepreneurs can use their personal account in conjunction with the commercial one, and there is no restriction on the minimum capital. The commercial account bears the name of the company and the owner of the account must deposit to that account the sum, equal to the minimum capital of that company form. No financial transactions can be done through the account before the registration of the company is finalized. The bank will issue a certificate confirming sufficient company capital. A Luxembourg notary will register the company and in 15 days it will be published in the “Memorial C.”. And lastly, the notary will issue a certificate, after which your commercial account becomes active.

SA (société anonyme) company form is also a legal company form in the Duchy of Luxembourg. Many investors and large businesses prefer this company form, as it offers many advantages such as: controlled access to the capital, possibility of shares being made to the name of the bearer and thus more easily transferable to another person, ability to grow and develop the business through new shareholders, etc.

SECA or SCA is another legal commercial company form (société en commandite par action) whose main distinction from the other company forms is in the nature of the partnership interests. Our financial expert, accountant and notary will be fully involved in your company registration. All the documents are notarized and published in full in the “Memorial C.” The minimum capital required is 30,986.69 EUR. The registrant should deposit (on the temporary blocked commercial account) 25% of the minimum company capital.

The company registration takes 15 days. If you are experienced in managing your own company, you already know that there is a wealth of information regarding company shares, financial and credit operations, taxation, partnership interactions, supplemental requirements, intricacies of small print and so on. Our specialists will gladly answer any additional questions you may have..

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